Reliance Jio's awesome, 40 times cheaper data in 4 years

It has been four years since Reliance Jio entered the market. When Jio stepped into the telecom sector four years ago, no one expected that this company would change the picture of the sector in a few years. In 2016, 1GB data was available from Rs 185 to Rs 200. But according to the popular plans of Reliance Jio, the price per GB of data for the customer is around Rs 5. There has also been a huge jump in data consumption due to economical data prices. Before the birth of Jio, where the data consumption was only 0.24 GB per subscriber per month, today it has increased manifold to 10.4 Jio. 

The importance of affordable data came to the fore in the Corona era. Be it 'work from home' or online classes for children, ordering everyday things or appointing an online doctor, all of them were possible only when the price of data did not get heavy on our pockets. It is Jio's impact that data prices are accessible to customers. Reliance Jio has been calling it a data revolution. 

When Mukesh Ambani stood up to speak at Reliance's annual general meeting in 2106, the country was ranked 155th in terms of data consumption. Today, 4 years later, thanks to Reliance Jio's data revolution, the country is number one in the world in terms of data consumption. According to TRAI, the people of India alone use more data than the mobile 4G data the US and China together consume. More than 60 percent of the country's data is used on the Jio network.

With the new plans of Geofiber, Reliance Jio has once again created a stir in the market. For the first time, a company has brought a plan with true unlimited data consumption. Meaning the connection speed with the plan will be more or less. The customer can use as much data as he wants. This plan will redefine data consumption in the country.   

Reliance Jio did many new experiments as soon as it arrived. It had free voice calling and affordable data, as well as 4G telephony for the company using 2G network and rural India at very cheap prices. Today the company has more than 100 million JioPhone subscribers. Data subscriber numbers in villages increased significantly after the arrival of JioPhone. In 2016, where around 12 crore customers in villages were using data. At the same time, 28 crore people are using internet data. 

Reliance Jio tossed the sector giants into every sector. Today the company is number one in terms of consumers, market share and revenue. The company has also set a record in connecting customers to its network. In the last 4 years, more than 400 million consumers have been connected with Jio.

This comment of Mukesh Ambani, owner of 'Data is New Oil' Reliance, proved to be true. During the Corona period, all the major technology companies of the world invested in Reliance Jio. Companies like Facebook, Google as well as Intel and Qualcomm also partnered with Reliance Jio. Investment of more than 1.5 lakh crores in technology sector has come for the first time in the country.