How to earn money from free fire games?

How to earn money with Free Fire? Who does not want money, everyone wants money. So if you also want to earn money online by playing Free Fire games at home, then you can earn absolutely. You now know how popular Free Fire game is in today's date and since PUBG has closed in India, the popularity of Free Fire has increased more since then.

If you like to play games and you enjoy playing Free Fire games from mobile very well, then by following this post today you can earn money with Free Fire in some good ways. So let's see who is the method by which we can earn money from Free Fire. 

Free Fire Se Paise Kaise Kamaye?

We all know that Free Fire is a mobile game and if you want to play it, you have to play it from mobile, there is also a lot of gamer who play this game in computer also using pc emulator. 

Whatever it is, you can earn a lot of money by following any one of the following tips we have shared to earn money from Free Fire. 

1. Earn money with Gaming Youtube Channel?

Saeed, you must know how popular YouTube is in today's time, everyone likes to watch YouTube videos, so if you create a gaming YouTube channel and play live games on that channel and later upload the same video to YouTube, You can get a lot of money from this. 

Kahena means that first of all you have to create a YouTube channel, after that you have to play the Live Free Fire game on the same channel, there is a lot of software using which you will be able to streaming the game live for free. 

Top few Gaming Youtubers in India like carryminati, dynamo, Total Gaming all of them earn a lot of money by streaming live on youtube. Now your question will be how will you get money by live streaming. 

See when you start playing good games slowly, when people will like your channel more then you will be able to earn money with the help of Youtube Superchat, as well as you can share paytm, google pay, phonepe numbers due to live streaming, many visitors will give you It also gives a good amount of donation. 

Otherwise, when your live streaming is over, then you will get a lot of money by uploading the same game play video in your channel, and you will get this money from Google itself, whose name is google adsense, so by creating a gaming channel, you will get so many ways You can earn money from this, but for all this you have to make a little effort and also give time, not that you started today and you will start getting money from tomorrow.

In today's time, how popular is the Youtube Gaming channel, you can only guess by watching the video below. 

If you do not know how to create  a YouTube channel, you can easily create a YouTube channel for free by following this post. Also, by watching the below given video, you can learn how to do live streaming on YouTube. 

2. How to earn money from Free Fire Tournament?

If you want to earn life time money then Youtube is best for you, but if you think that creating a youtube channel is not your best thing to play live games in it, then there is another way for you to earn money by playing Free Fire and that is Free Fire Tournament, like cricket, is a tournament of football, in the same way a tournament of mobile games is also. 

In today's time, there is a lot of online platform where you can participate in a tournament by paying 10 to 20 rupees and if you win in that tournament then you are given a lot of prize money. 

But in this tournament, it also takes very strong players, if you know a very good game then you also have a chance to win. Below is a link to some of the best Free Fire Tournament Platforms. 

To earn money from this app, first of all, you have to click on any of the above links and create an app or a free account from the same website. 

To create an account, you have to provide mobile number, Gmail account, name, when the account is created then you can participate in the tournament, you may have to pay 10 -20 or more fees to participate in the tournament. The prize money of the tournament in which you will participate will be shown in the same screen. 

So friends, hope that you have liked this information today and have learned how to earn money from free fire games, if you have liked this information today, please share the post with your friends, any questions If you have comment