How to put your own photo in Telegram's Chat Background?

In this post today, we are going to talk about the popular messaging app Telegram, in today's date, millions of people are using the telegram app to chat on their mobile phones, if you are also among those people and you are also messaging If you use the app, then by following this post today, you can change the background photo of Telegram and put your own photo in it.

You can do this work from your mobile phone and you can do it from your computer as Telegram runs in both mobile computers, that's why it supports this feature in both. So let's see how to put your photo in Telegram chat.

How to put photos in Telegram's Chat Background?

Step 1. First open the Telegram App, then click on the three line in the top left side and then click on Settings. 

Step 2. Now you will get Chat Settings, you have to click on it. 

Step 3. Now click on Change Chat Background, after that you will get three options, a Select from gallery and Set color and some default photos will also be given below. 

Step 4. If you want to set your own photo then you have to select your photo by clicking Select from gallery, if you want to change only the background color, then click on Set color. If you like a default photo, then click on any photo below.

Step 5. After selecting the photo, you have to click on Set Background. Just your photo will be set. 

Hope you have liked this information today, if you have followed this post and set your photo in your telegram chat background, then share this post, comment if there is any question.