Telegram Chat Message Delete & Edit Kaise Kare?

Telegram is one of the best messaging in today's date, in this app you will get to see some features that you will not find in any other massaging app. One such feature that we are going to talk about today is Telegram's message delete and edit. If you want to delete a send message in the telegram, then you can.

Not only delete the message, if you have typed any wrong message and felt it should be edited later, then you can also correct the sent message by editing it. So let's see how to delete and edit telegram chat message.

How to delete Telegram's chat message?

Step 1. To delete the telegram's chat message, first of all open the telegram from your mobile, then open the message whose chat is to be deleted. 

Step 2. Now select the message you want to delete, above you will find a delete tool, click on it. 

Step 3. Now a box will open, from that you have to select the Delete box and click on delete, this will delete both your chat and the chat of the person who sent your message.

How to Edit Telegram Chat Message?

Step 1. If you have sent a message by mistake or mistyped someone, then you can edit it and fix it, for that you have to select that message first. 

Step 2. After selecting the message, above you will find a pen tool, click on it.

Step 3. Now you will get the option to edit chat, edit and send the correct message and send it again. 

So hope that you liked this information today and learned from this post how to delete the chat messages of Telegram as well as how to edit chat messages. If there is any question, then comment.