Government of India banned PUB-G, then Akshay Kumar brought self-reliant FAU-G

After the Indian government banned the online multiplayer battlefield game PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUB-G), Akshay Kumar has announced the launch of an indigenous multiplayer game 'Fauji'. Akshay Kumar released the poster of this game by tweeting on Friday evening and also shared some special things about the game with people.

Akshay Kumar wrote in his tweet, "I am proud to present this action game, supporting the self-reliant mission of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Fearless And United-Guards FAU-G)." Akshay Kumar said in his tweet that along with entertainment, people will also learn about the sacrifices made by our soldiers.

Apart from all this, Akshay Kumar has done another special thing in this game. 20 percent of the total revenue generated by this game will go to the Veer Portal of India. It is known that a few years ago, Akshay Kumar launched India's Veer application in which any person can donate any amount of money for the families of martyred soldiers of India.

This game launched by Akshay Kumar is getting much praise. Users are praising it very much on social media. However, according to the user interface, to what extent this game will be able to compete with Pub-G, it will be known only after the game is launched. It is known that Pub-G was one of the most popular mobile multiplayer games in India, which has recently been banned.