Windows 10 Update Kaise Kare In Hindi

 In this post today, we are going to talk about how to update Windows 10? Windows 10 is the most popular operating system in the world, if you use Windows 10 in your laptop computer, you can update Windows 10 very easily and for free by following this post today. If you have an old Windows 10 installed on your computer, then it must be updated.

Most Windows users think that Windows should not be updated, and because of this many people have kept Windows updates off, but it is wrong for every Windows users to turn off Windows updates. If you want better performance on your pc, then you need to update the operating system always to time, all the problems in the old version are updated in the new version, if you update the same If you do not, then your pc will have problem and pc will not reduce it.

Do  you guys have any questions regarding Windows 10 Update ?

Q 1. Will the computer be format after updating to Windows 10?

Ans:  No, nothing will happen, only the problem that will be in your operating system will be fixed by updating and some new features will be seen, nothing will be deleted on your computer.

Ans:  No, nothing will happen, only the problem that will be in your operating system will be fixed by updating and some new features will be seen, nothing will be deleted on your computer.

Q 2. Is updating Windows really important?

Ans:  No, it is not that you have to update Windows, you can update or not, it is completely up to you, but you will get better performance by updating.

Q 3. What will be the benefit of updating Windows?

Ans: There is a  lot of advantages such as you will get better performance, if there are any bugs in your computer, then it will be fixed, and every new update adds some new feature, then you can also use all the new features.

Q 4. Does internet require to update windows?

Ans:  Yes, you cannot update Windows without internet, because some file will be downloaded from the internet for update.

Q 5. How long does it take to update Windows?

Ans: There  is no limit to this, it completely depends on the file size of your internet speed and update version.

Q 6. Will Windows have to be re-activated in order to update Windows?

Ans:  If you use original windows, then you will not have to activate, but if you use pirated version, then Sayed can stop reactivating.

Windows 10 Computer Update Kaise Kare?

Hopefully you have found the answer to all the questions regarding Windows Update, so let's see how to update Windows 10 for free.

How to update using Windows Settings?

If you want to update your Windows 10 using normal Windows settings, then you can do it at all, for this you will not need any kind of Update Assistant.

Step 1. First click on All Settings and then click on Update & Security at the bottom.

Step 2. Now you will see the option of update in front of you, check from above, you will see the check for updates button and click on it.

Step 3. When the update download and install is complete then you will be asked to restart the pc, you will only get updated after you restart the pc. When your pc gets updated, then you will show this message in the update option You're up to date.

How to do e update using Update Assistant?

If you have to update the pc using windows 10 update assistant then you can do this, for this you have to follow the steps given below.

Step 1. First of all, you have to download the Update Assistant below, click on the link given below and download the Update Assistant.

Step 2. Once the Update Assistant is downloaded, click on it again and the Update Assistant will start, after that you will get the option of Windows Update in a short time. Just click on update and then wait till it is downloaded. 

Step 3. When the update file is downloaded then you will have to restart your pc, after restart check that your pc is updated.