Who was present at Sushant's house on June 14, how the lock was broken? Keywale revealed in sting operation

Actor Sushant Singh Rajput case, big revelations are happening every day. Now Aaj Tak has reached the key that broke the lock of Sushant's room on the day of the incident. A big thing has come to light in the Sushant case through a sting operation. It has been found out who finally broke the lock of Sushant's room.

Found Sushant's room breaker

The person who broke the lock of Sushant's room is Mohammad Rafi Sheikh. On June 14, the same person broke the lock of Sushant's room when Siddharth Pithani called. In the sting operation, Mohammad is telling that he had no idea that this is the room of Sushant Singh Rajput. During a conversation with the reporter, he told that Sushant's room had a computerize key lock. Mohammed used a hammer and a knife to break that lock.

What does KeyWale know about the incident?

Chabiwale also revealed that four people were present there at the time of the incident. According to him, after breaking the lock, he was asked to leave. Till then he did not know anything about the incident. He told the reporter - broke the lock, as soon as the door was opened after breaking the lock, they did not let me see anything. Did not show anything. As soon as the door opened those people said that you people go away.

At the same time, Mohammed also told that no one seemed to be nervous on the day of the incident. Everyone just wanted this door to open. In the sting operation, Rafi told that those people had no tension of money. All he had to do was break the lock of Sushant's room.

Rafi even told that the Mumbai police also called him for questioning. He says about that - at first he came to open the lock, did he not? Those people called me, I went, broke the lock from here, like they opened it did not show me. He said, I came back with the same thing. Then after an hour I got a call from the police that you have broken the lock, you come back, then I went back.