What is Quora? Know about a great platform to answer questions

You and I use the internet every day and many kinds of questions emerge in our mind, to find the answers to these questions, we keep searching these questions in Google, today I will tell you a platform with the help of which you You can easily answer your questions by asking questions.

In this post, we will learn about Quora in detail, it was started in June 2009, it is an American question answer website in which you can join and get answers to your questions, if you have any questions in your mind, you can ask easily and You can also read the questions asked by other people and their answers.

Initially, why Kyra was available only in English and now it is also available in Hindi language and it is fast emerging in India.

Now we talk about how we use Quira And how can I ask your questions and get their answers, I will tell you the best way to go to the play store and download the application of curio from there and then register yourself in it.

now your Quora is ready, now you can ask your questions here, people will get your questions. And they will answer them, you can also answer the questions asked by the people,

Quora's application is also available on the play store, you can download it from here and use it will be the easiest for you.