This application will keep you fit in full life

I am going to give you information about some fitness related applications in this post, you know how important our health is for us in this two-part era, so this application is according to some health related daily routine for us. If you will help me with something, then I am going to give you information about these apps in turn.

1. Runkeeper - This app informs us about the distance of the road when we run the road in the morning. 

2 . Sleep Cycle - This application notes our nighttime bedtime and sets our sleeping hours daily and sets an alarm for bedtime for us. Full sleep for us is very important for our health So you must try this application

3. Step Tracker - This application is also like the Runkeeper app, in which you get a pedometer separately which also gives you information about your daily step, it also records the information of how much pedal you run throughout the day and you It also gives information about how many calories burn by walking and walking.

4. Google Fit - It has been created by Google, it counted how many steps your daily runs, in that its special thing is that in this we add our body length and our weight once, then it tracks our daily workouts. And informs us about our health.

All the applications that I have told you can be very useful in your daily life, this application is very helpful in keeping our health right, so you must use them.