Sonu Sood helped ruined widow's house, see photos

Helping actor Sonu Sood is no longer a surprise. Seeing the manner in which he has served the people during the Corona period, everyone is saying that he is an angel of God. Sonu has helped everyone, from farmers to students trapped abroad. Sonu continued his help even when the rain took a form of rage in the country.

Sonu helped the widow woman

Now Sonu Sood has helped a widowed woman. A widowed woman's house was destroyed due to rain. It is understandable to see the viral photo on social media that everything was snatched away due to the rain of the woman. Now that house has been named Sonu Niwas. A user has shown through some pictures on social media how Sonu has helped the woman. It is written while sharing the photo- I have no words to describe my feeling. I have not seen God. But you came as a messenger in his life. Please visit.

Sonu is giving tributes to fans

By the way, this is not the first time that someone has named his house on Sonu Sood. Earlier, there were also cases where people named their children Sonu. Everyone just wants to give tributes to the actor. Recently, Sonu also helped a tribal girl. The girl's house was destroyed due to floods and books were drenched. But later Sonu asked that girl to wipe the tears and assured them that they will help them.