Lori Loughlin jailed in college admission scam, fined $ 1.5 million

American actress Lori Laughlin has been jailed for two months after being proven guilty of cheating in the college entrance exam scam. After jail, she wept in court, apologizing. He said- I wanted to give unfair benefits to my daughters for their good future. I felt that I was doing a good job for my children, but in reality I underestimated my daughters' abilities and achievements.

Laughlin has also been fined one and a half lakh and instructed to do social service for 10 hours. Laughlin said in court for this work- 'I sincerely apologize. I accept my mistake and am ashamed. I take responsibility for what I did and now I am ready to bear the consequences also.

Laughlin is known for playing the role of Aunt Becky in the 1980s-90s hit sitcom "Full House". This college scam involves 50 more people, including Laughlin and her husband. This is a case of college admissions scam involving bribing students to get admission in top US universities.

In this scam that started in 2011, a total of US $ 25 million was given as bribe. The accused include three scam organizers, 33 guardians, nine coaches, two SAT and ACT administrators, an exam proctor and a college administrator.

Many universities have fired coaches involved in scams. The biggest hand in the scam is that of college consultant William Singer.