LOL Meaning in Hindi! What is the full form of LOL?

 Today we will try to know about LOL in this post that LOL Meaning In Hindi! What is LOL Full Form ? What is LOL? And where is it used for?

If you use Facebook or whatsapp, then you must have seen the use of the word LOL. You may not even know the true meaning of the word LOL, yet you must have used this word when commenting in a Facebook post or while chatting on whatsapp. If you still do not know what this lol is and what its true meaning is and its full form, then after reading this post today, you will know the true meaning of the word lol and why it is used and for what.

LOL Ka Full Form: 

The full form of LOL is " Laugh Out Loud " or you can also call it " Laughing Out Loud ", with lol and a full form " Lots of Laughter ", this is the full form of all lol.

L → Laughing
O → Out
L → Loud

What is LOL? LOL Meaning in Hindi:

LOL in Hindi means " Laugh out loud ", when someone writes you lol in a message or a comment on one of your Facebook status, it is possible that you do not know the correct meaning of this word, you answer it correctly. Can not give But this lol word is a very simple word, a total of 3 different words combined with Laughing Out Loud has been made a short form of the word lol.

The term lol is mostly used on social network sites (facebook, twitter, whatsapp etc). When someone is talking about Hussey, then it is told by using the word lol that what you said was very funny.

Some iron pronounce the word lol Lul do, but the exact Hindi pronunciation is freakish .

How is the word LOL used?

You cannot use this word in any way, you have to use this word only by looking at the situation, you can only use this word while answering something funny. Giving some examples said that you can use the word lol.

1. That was a great joke! lol! 4

2. Raj was betrayed by his GF! lol! ­čĄú (This is sad, yet you can use lol to have fun)

There are many more examples of this kind, hope that you will not read any more requirements.