Knowledge of best applications for investing in the stock market

Share market you and we all want to learn, I am going to tell you about some applications related to the stock market in this post, you can buy and sell shares by creating your demat account in the stock market with the help of those applications. I will tell you 4 such applications that are currently the best on the Google Play Store for trading in the stock market

1. Angel Broking - This company was formed in 1987, in today's time, the application of this company is very good for investing money in the stock market, you can very easily make your demat account and do stock market trading from Play Store. You can open your demat account by searching Angel Broking and installing its app. This application has been downloaded over 10 lakh on Play Store.

2. Zerodha - This company was formed in 2010, it is a very trustworthy stock market company in today's time, the special thing of this company is that its mobile application running Android application interface is very simple and easy to understand. In Jarodha you have to open your demat account to trade in the stock market. In this, you have to pay ₹ 300 as account opening charge to open a demat account. After that your KYC completes, you share from Jarodha. You can trade in the market by searching on the Google Play store by the name of Zerodha, you will find its application easily.

3. Upstox - This application has one million downloads on Google Play Store and it is an 8 MB application. Also you can open your demat account and compile your KYC and share it easily in the stock market and sell shares.

4. 5Paisa - This is the second largest broker as a discount broker in the world of share market. With 5paisa you can easily invest by creating your account in the stock market. There is a 14 MB application and its interface is very easy, you can complete your KYC in it. You can easily trade in the stock market

Here I have told the application, with the help of these applications, any common man can try his luck in the stock market, it is worth noting that in order to create an account, you must be above 18 years of age and the special thing about all these applications It is that you can see the movement happening in the stock market or the fluctuations in the stock market live and you can also easily see the price of your share, this application tells you about the stock in full detail of that share. The fluctuations that have come about the price in the past years are also easily explained by the charts and in these applications you get the option to invest in bonds and mutual funds as well, then friend you can invest in my stock market. In the comment, how did you know about the application related to doing it? If you also know about any other application which is good for investing in the stock market, thenDo tell us