Know about the applications that provide free paytm cash

In today's time, there are many such applications on the Google Play Store, which gives you free paytm  cash on doing some activities , in some of these apps you have to complete the task of playing games, some applications give you money to watch videos and some applications It also gives you the money to make and post good videos, I will give you information about some applications in detail and will tell you how you can earn Paytm cash with the help of them.

The special thing about these applications is that if you earn 1 rupee, then you can also take it in Paytm.

Best Android App providing free paytm cash


This application is like tiktok, in this you get the option to create a funny video as you create on tiktok, in the same way if your video gets more views, it gives you 5000 coins, in which your 1000 coin is worth 1 rupee. Is equal

With this application, you get coins from 10000 to 25000 on referral to friends. If your created video is displayed in different subjects, then you will get 1000 coins

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*  Paytm UPI Se 50 Rupaye Cashback

Keep in mind Kaise Paye, your videos should be your own, only then you will be able to earn paytm cash.

2. Like Lite

This application has also been made recently, it is a small application of like application, in which you get the money to watch videos, it is also like tiktok, just you can not make videos in it only you can see.

In this, you get Free Paytm Cash, the more videos you watch, the more coins you will get, you will see 2-3 videos, then one task of your coin will be completed and the coin will be added to your wallet, then you will change those coins to paytm. Can take in

3. Paytm First Games

This is a new service of paytm in which you can win Free Paytm Cash by playing games, in this you will get the task of games in which there will be many players, if you top them all, you can win paytm cash. Ho this application is similar to MPL application

In the beginning, if you do this application, then paytm will give you a bonus of 10 rupees in it, which you can use,

you can download all these applications by searching in Google

*  Government applications which can be very useful

to you.  Information about earning Free Paytm Cash has been received by playing games and watching videos, now you can tell in the comment about your question or post how it felt.