Khuda Hafiz: Neither Khuda Hi Mila, Na Visal-e Sanam, but you can see the film for these reasons

Vidyut Jamwal is identified as an action hero. The films of the Commando series, which depended on the arms of Jamwal, have also been successful. In these, Jamwal has been seen burning in the fire of revenge. Although he rarely fits in the expression of love, this risk has been taken in 'Khuda Hafiz'. However, the director has been bound by the dilemma that the action is to show more that the look of the lover. But the action and locales of Jamwal attract.

The story of Khuda Hafiz is old, but in the early hours an attempt has been made to find new ones. The specialty of the film is that if you start watching, you will keep watching. But going to the end, the film will leave so many questions, which only the film makers will be able to answer. Yes, you will remember the girl who plays the heroine in the film. Especially her beauty, her eyes, her laughter, her pain, her yearning.

This is the story of God Hafiz

What the director wants to show in Khuda Hafiz is the biggest suspense of this film. In Lucknow, a Hindu boy is having an marriage marriage with a Muslim girl. The girl whose Hindu father married a Muslim girl after big battles. Sameer and Nargis are married in Qubool, Qubool, Qubool ... and also seven rounds. 2007-08 is a period of recession and Sameer and his Sharik-e Hayat both lose their jobs. After 3 months of sitting at home, both of them apply for jobs in Gulf countries through an agent. Nargis gets her job first in Noman. Noaman is an island in Saudi Arabia, but there is so much population and so many people there, it is probably a product of fiction.

The girl, who has never left Lucknow, prepares to go to Noman alone. Sameer also lets him go. Family does not come anywhere in these issues. Neither the maternal side nor the in-laws' side.

Nargis disappears after going to Noman. Sameer gets his last call when he is watering roses. What image or symbol is this, I do not understand. Sameer reaches the agent with the police. The agent tells that Nargis has not been found in Noman. After this, Sameer Noman reaches. There he finds a taxi driver Usman. After this, Sameer's battle to find Nargis begins.

Sameer's Mission Impossible

The number from which Nargis last called, the number comes off. Sameer is able to reach the address on the basis of the number where Nargis has been kept for Jismfaroshi. Prior to this, he has met Indian Embassy. But the officer is out and cannot get any help. There is a scene in the film in which Usman's partner tells Sameer that Nargis is trapped in the clutches of businessmen. Jamwal's helplessness can be seen here, but the feeling of pain, resentment and anguish in the face and eyes is lacking. After this, the same situation happens after locating Nargis. Other parts of the body are giving more responses than the face. Here, the lack of expression of the face and eyes has been tried to fulfill the other part. Sameer comes out with the unconscious Nargis but the goons deflate his aspirations and Nargis remains in his clutches.

Jamwal's action in rescuing Nargis is visible, but there is nothing that should be considered memorable. After this, the police arrest Sameer. This is a flashback to the story. After this, the story moves forward. Indian Embassy has interfered. In the fictional country, the command of the investigation is handed over to two army officers. The gang learns this and burnt the corpse of a girl who is identified by Sameer Nargis. The lack of expression is also reflected here. There is no scream, no cry, no expression of pain on the death of Sameer, whom he loves, Sameer has been killed. It can also be a part of the script and an attempt to cover the actor's acting. Sameer gets the compensation amount and the return ticket to India but he runs away from the airport. He reaches the traitor who runs the business and not only Nargis is successful in saving many girls.

The film leaves a lot of questions. A Hindu boy has an arranged marriage with a Muslim girl. Do not understand what it is shown by thinking. Yes, after this, the family does not appear anywhere, the days of happiness have not come, not even in misery. Sameer is wandering in Noman in search of Nargis, but not even once does he talk to the family. Which is the country where every third person speaks Hindi. Although the tone is Arabic. This is a movie in which one fourth of the dialogues are neither in Hindi nor English, in many places English sub title has to work.

The two songs of the film 'Aap Hamari Jaan Bana Gaye' and 'Till the last step' climb the tongue as soon as you are watching the film. It seems that Vidyut devised a plan to show Jamwal as a lover but could not give up his action later. He could not drown in love and could not become a big scope of action.

Jamwal has been taking off his shirt in the films of the commandos series but did not get his chance in this film. However, Jamwal has done well as long as he got the opportunity for action. The locations of the film are also fine. Annu Kapoor has tried to do well in the role of Pathan but initially he seemed to be elderly and later became ill. Shivalika Oberoi as Nargis remained on the screen for a very short time but she could not be ignored as long as she was there. By working with a protagonist who is twice her age, she has been successful in registering attendance. If you get good opportunities, she can play memorable role.