In the CBI inquiry, Cook Neeraj told what happened on the flat on 14 June

The CBI, which is involved in the investigation of Sushant case, started its operations in Mumbai with the interrogation of Neeraj Singh. The CBI questioned Neeraj for over 5 hours. Most of Neeraj's responses match the statement given to the Mumbai Police. Neeraj Singh is the one who not only worked as Sushant Singh Rajput's home cook, but who saw Sushant alive and dead for the last time. Who gave Sushant to drink juice with his own hands a few hours before his death.

Inquiries lasted more than 5 hours

The CBI had made complete preparations before questioning Neeraj. The CBI had already obtained Neeraj's statement given earlier to the Mumbai Police. In the light of the answers given in this statement, questions were asked to Neeraj in view of some circumstances. But in the interrogation of more than 5 hours, Neeraj gave almost the same answers to all the questions of the CBI, which he gave during the interrogation of the Mumbai Police.

The CBI asked Neeraj the entire story from June 8 till the death of Sushant i.e. June 14. Actually on June 8, Sushant's girlfriend Riya left Sushant's house. And on the morning of 8 June, Riya asked Neeraj to pack her clothes in two bags. Neeraj told in interrogation on Friday that he did not know anything about Riya's leaving the house till 7 June.

Neeraj also told that till the night of June 13, he did not see any problem on Sushant's face. Even when he asked for juice in the morning, he was completely normal. Neither happy nor sad. In such a situation, when his room was closed for a long time and no sound came from inside, he was worried, he told Siddharth Pithani about it and he kept knocking on his door every five to ten minutes till the lock was broken. .