How to use internet map without internet ??

If you are going to a place where there is no internet facility or there is less then you have difficulty in checking the road map in that location, in this post I am going to give you an information for this 

If you are going to visit some unknown place then Google Maps  helps you a lot. With this, you get information about the paths easily. An internet connection is required to use it. 

If the internet connection is bad then you will not be able to run  Google Maps  . A facility has been provided for this. In such a situation, you can use Google Map offline. You can download a map of any area. With this you will be able to get information about the routes even if you have less internet connection.
How to download google map offline ??

First you download and open the Google Map from the Play Store, now in it you will get the option of this 3 line = in the corner, click on it, now you will get the option of offline map in it, click on it

Now you will have some such page show in it, in this you have to click on Select Your Oven Map

Now you have to select the area from the map, you have to set the map zoom lower by yourself, then you have to click the download button below it.

After clicking on download, your map will be downloaded offline, then if you open this area in Google map, then you will be able to use it without internet also. 

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Offline map is very useful for you when you are in a low network area.