How to transfer money without internet account, complete information in any bank account

If you use Bheem app then how can I send money to you without internet, I am going to tell you the complete information about it in any bank account.

To use this service, first of all it is necessary to register in the Bhima app and it is also necessary to link your bank account in it and it is also necessary to generate the UPI PIN, that is to say that if you check the bank balance from the Bhima app And if you know how to transfer money from the bank, then you can send money even without internet, for that you will not have an Android mobile, even then you will be able to work, you can also transfer money from your simple keypad mobile to any other from your bank account. In bank account

How to send money without internet

Now I am going to tell you in detail about how to transfer money without internet

First of all you have to dial * 99 # in the dial pad of your mobile.

When you dial this number in your mobile, you will have a message in front of you that says Welcome * 99 #,

you have to OK the welcome message and then you have to wait for some time,

then you will have some kind of message open in front of you, at the top Bank name and then some options will appear below

In this, for the first Send Money option, you have to press and send one by one from your keypad.

Then you will see a screen like this

In this, you have to send the IFSC and account number by pressing the number 5 button and
then you will see a message in
which you have to enter the IFSC code of your bank.

After entering all this information, you have to enter how many rupees you have to send in the next step, after that in the next step you have to enter your UPI PIN which is the UPI PIN you use in your Bhima app.

After that you have to enter, after pressing the number you will be asked to press there, you have to click on the send button, then your money will be transferred to the next account and information will be sent to your mobile by sms.

Things to keep in mind
1. Do not tell your UPI PIN to anyone

2. This service is called USSD code based service to send money, you have to quickly reply to it, otherwise your work cannot be done, so fill the information quickly in every option

3. You can use the service of the same account that you have added to the Bhima app without using the Internet.

4. Remember that if you have the same mobile number connected to two accounts of the same bank, then you do not use this service be able to

if you have any problems in sending internet without money this way you know for sure the comment I posted this in the comments box I will definitely your help