How to stop unnecessary calls and SMS from mobile

You and all of us are troubled by the unnecessary calls and sms coming on mobile in today's time, many marketing companies keep sending us unnecessary massages for their promotions, I will tell you about how to stop these useless sms.

There are two ways to block spam calls on any mobile number, the first one can be done by sending SMS and the second is by calling. I am telling you about both ways 

1. Stop spam calls and sms by sending SMS 
2 . Turn off spam calls and sms by calling 1909 

The complete information about both these ways is as follows. 

1. Stop spam calls and sms by sending SMS

If you are troubled by the useless phone and sms coming on your mobile, then first go to the messaging app of your phone. After this, go to a message and type START 0 and send it to the 1909 number. After this, there will not be any kind of unnecessary and annoying spam calls on your phone.

You can see the example of sending sms in the screenshot, after this you will have a sms from your sim operator, in which you will have written about completing your spam call and request to stop sms in 7 days.

2 . Turn off spam calls and sms by calling 1909 

Now tell you the other way, first you dial the 1909 number in your phone, now you select the language of your choice and then follow the instructions, dial 1 in it and request to start your DND service

In this way, you can stop the unnecessary calls and SMS on your mobile in both the ways, this information should be told in the comment about how much work is done for you. 

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