How to make money from Google Pay and Phone Pay Referral Program

In this article, I will tell you today about some such referral program from which you can earn a lot of money, you must have heard about Google Pay and Phone Pay, this application gives us good money on inviting new friends today. You will know about these applications, how to invite your friend, and in this article you will give me complete information about how much money this application invites.

How to make money with Google Pay referral program?
First of all, install Google Pay application on your mobile. If you have not yet installed, then you can download my app on Google from this referral link . We will get ₹ 51 and I will also get 51 rupees, we will be transferred to our bank account.

After installing the application, you enter your mobile number. Keep in mind that you enter the same mobile number which is linked in your bank account and the account on which You have your debit card

Now click on add bank account and add your bank account to Google, after that create your Google UPI PIN, for this you will need your debit card, you have to end the last 6 digits of your debit card, after that your debit card You have to enter the expiry date and enter the CVV number of your debit card, then you will go ahead and enter your OTP and after that enter your favorite UPI PIN

After doing so, you will scroll to the bottom of Google Pay, there you will get the option to invite your friend, there it will be written, Invite a friend, you can click on it and send your link to your friend on Google on WhatsApp link. After sending, ask your friend to click on that link and install Google Pay, as soon as he clicks that link, he will automatically go to the Google Play Store and from there he has to download it on Google

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After downloading on Google, you have to do the same process that you did for yourself, enter the same mobile number that is linked in his bank account and then link the bank account in it and create his UPI PIN, then from his Google Pay account You will transfer any amount with one rupee like money, you will transfer any amount from its Google Pay to your Google Pay. As soon as you transfer ₹ 1, both of you will get ₹ 51 from Google Pay, you will also get ₹ 51 and This money will come in your bank account which account you have linked Google paper

How to make money from phone referral program?

First of all, install the application on your mobile phone, if you have not yet installed, then you must install my link from , this will give both of us referral bonus from phone pay. You install the phone on your mobile, after that you set up your full name, your mobile number and your 4 digit PIN and sign up with the phone, after that you have to link your account by going to your phone and same The way to create a UPI PIN is like the UPI PIN you created in Google, if you have already created a UPI PIN for your bank account on Google, then you do not need to create a UPI PIN again, even if you enter your previous UPI PIN It will work, to

earn money from the referral program from the phone, as soon as you open your phone, you will get a referral and ear option.

As soon as you click on this option, a WhatsApp icon will appear in front of you.

You can click on it to invite your friend through WhatsApp and to join on the phone, you have to install the phone on the invoice link sent by you and then sign up on it by entering the name mobile number and its PIN You have to sign up, after that your friend's bank account has to be added to his phone pay and after that transfer any amount from your friend's phone pay to your phone pay number as soon as that amount is transferred to your phone pay then you Cashback will be received from

phone pay, the cashback you will get from phone pay will not be transferred to your bank account. You can use this cashback on mobile recharge, DTH recharge bill and on all the services that you have on phone. Can take

Remember that the referral bonus from phone pay and Google pay is changed from time to time, currently, 51 rupees are being received on Google Pay, and a bonus of Rs 100 is being received on phone pay.

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. Referral bonus received on Google in a financial year ie from 1st April onwards, cannot be more than ₹ 9000 till March 31. If you have earned referral till ₹ 9000 then after that You cannot make any more money in that financial year, for that you will have to wait for the next financial year

. This offer of Google Pay and Phone Pay is valid in all states except Tamil Nadu state of India.

If the referral bonus from phone pay is more than ₹ 10000 in your wallet, then you will get that referral bonus in your wallet on the 1st of the following month and when someone downloads the phone from your link then after 15 days Inside, he will transfer any money from his phone pay account, you will get his bonus, if after 15 days he will transfer any money, then you will not get a referral bonus,

if you have any question or suggestion, then definitely tell in the comment and you will get money from this referral program Please tell us how was the way to earn