How to lock password in Google Chrome browser

 In this post we will learn how to password lock Google Chrome browser? If you use a laptop computer and use the Google Chrome browser to browse the Internet, then you can lock your Chrome browser with a password. 

If you lock your browser with a password, then no one else will be able to open your browser other than you and will not be able to search anything from that browser, it will only benefit you as we have youtube, gmail, If you keep Facebook logged in, then when you open a browser other than that, then it can open your Facebook, Gmail very easily. So if you lock then no other person will be able to use your browser without your permission.

How to install Password Lock in Google Chrome browser?

Step 1. First of all you have to install a chrome extensions in your browser which is named LockPW, the below link is given to install this extensions in the browser. 

Download LockPW Extensions

Step 2. Now, the page of LockPW will open in front of you, below you will find the button of Next, click on it.

Step 3. Now you have to enter the password, for this type the password in the Enter password box, any password of your choice, then retype the same password in the Repeat password box, type 1 in the password hint box or else you like Type a password of, then click on Save. 

Step 4. Now close the Google Chrome browser and open it again, see it will ask for the password, when you type the correct password then the browser will open or it will not. 

How to Unlock Password?

If you do not want to use this password lock in your browser, then you can also unlock this for us always, whatever you have to do for it. 

First of all, LockPW extensions will be found in the right side above the browser, right click on it and then click Remove from Chrome will be unlocked.

So let's hope you have learned how Password Lock looks in Google Chrome Browser, if you liked this information today, please share the post with your friends.