How to get the transfer money back in the wrong bank account

You and all of us use the bank account daily and in today's time we can transfer money from our phones mostly from home very easily, so in today's time we sometimes send Paisa to a wrong bank account in a hurry. Which gives us a lot of trouble, in this article I will tell you about the ways to withdraw money in the wrong bank account. 

Measures to withdraw money in wrong bank account 

1. If by mistake you have transferred the money to another person's bank account, first of all call your bank customer care and inform it, which will let the bank know about it and the bank will initiate its action. If you do not know, you can search in google. 

2. If the account in which Paisa has been transferred is in reality, then the money will be returned automatically, but if that account number is present, then you have to file a complaint with your bank and wait for the entire process to be completed. If the receiver's account is in the same bank, the amount transfer will happen in the account in which the branch will have to go. 

3. You will have to go to the branch of your bank after finding out the full information of the account in which you send the money. Keep in mind that only the bank in whose account the money has been transferred, can solve this issue. Give your bank full information about the accidental transaction. 

4. If the account in which the money went is in another branch, then you have to go to the branch of that bank and file a complaint. The bank cannot transfer money to anyone without the customer's permission. And banks do not even provide information about your customers. So you have to tell the whole thing to the bank. Then the bank will contact the account holder whose money has gone into the account and then ask you to transfer the money back to your account. In most cases, the person who lost money is ready to return the money.

If a person refuses to return your money, then you can only file a case against him and there is no way whether you do net banking or UPI always have an account number or anything while sending money and account number while sending money. Do check with