How to find tags for youtube videos

This post of mine is for youtube brothers who upload videos on youtube, it is necessary for them to put youtube video tag, which tag should you put in your videos so that they get more views on their videos, I am going to give you information about this. in the post

What is youtube tag

First of all, we talk about YouTube tag, when a YouTube user uploads his video on YouTube, then when uploading, insert the title and description of the video, then it is also necessary to put a related tag from that video. Give information about what is in the video and which category is the subject, tag it

What is the meaning of youtube tag

When you are watching a video on YouTube, then when you play that video, the side bar which contains more videos is all from the YouTube tag as if you are watching a video linked to an Aadhaar card, then you should see the side bar You will find more videos related to Aadhaar in YouTube, the reason for those videos is YouTube tag means that the tags you are watching are the same tags which are also present in the video in the side bar, so those videos are visible to you there.

How to search for the correct tag for youtube video

If you want to search the tag for your YouTube video, then the best way to do that is to go to the search box of YouTube and type a couple words related to that video there and give a space, after that you will get many more results.

As you can see in the screenshot given, I have typed some words here

Suppose we are making a video "How to earn money online" on top of this topic, we have to go to YouTube search and type "online money" there and after that give only one space as soon as you give space Many search results will be seen. These search results mean that you will get complete information about what type of people search on YouTube and what they search.

Now you will select some of these words from your YouTube video. You have to put in the tag and some words are also to be inserted in the description

of your YouTube video, you can also use the title of your search result in the title of your YouTube video.

In this way you can search great tags for your YouTube videos and make your YouTube videos SEO friendly so that you will get long views on your

videos. Other ways to search for YouTube videos

1. Google keyword planner

2. You can see the tags of other videos by using Tube Buddy on your YouTube, you can also search the tags for your videos with the help of Tube Bada,

this information will work for you, I hope that you comment your experience Please share in the box and if you have any other way to search tag for youtube video, then also let us know