'Class of 83' is made on the illegitimate use of friends and power, Bobby Deol handled the weight of the film alone


Duration: - One hour 38 minutes

Star: - Four

Atul Sabharwal's 'Class of 83' features the 'class' of friendship, repentance, the changing nature of organized crime, the nexus of the power-system-criminals. It is set in Mumbai, Nashik and Dubai of the eighth decade. It is the story of a few diligent and honest policemen who have to save the city from the clutches of corrupt ministers, their own corrupt police departments and gangsters. Especially the police officer Vijay Singh, who has been given a posting posting by CM Manohar Patkar. In Nashik Police Training Center, the youth have to save their city and state from the book of law and order and the events outside the book.

Such is the story of the film

Vijay Singh from that center as Pramod Shukla (Bhupendra Jadavat), Aslam Khan (Sameer Paranjaye), Vishnu Verde (Hitesh Bhojraj), Jarnadan Surve (Prithvik Pratap), and Lakshmana (Ninad Mahajani), Jadhav's army of five 'Pandavas' works out. Off the record of city gangsters. Till the training center, the friends of the five 'Pandavas' remain intact. However, cracks start coming in the fields on the job. They start supporting the gangsters of their camp. Then the city is freed from the clutches of gangsters whether the film is about that.

The film failed to do justice to all subjects

The film is based on the book of famous crime writer Re Hussain Zaidi. Adapting it has made the story multi-faceted. But going into all the layers, the film misses a bit. The situation then in Bombay, the terrarium in Punjab, the detention of cotton mils, the forced labor of the crime, and the lack of coordination among many other issues. The reason for this is the length of the film. He is very little. As a result, complete justice has not been done with all issues.

Bobby Deol handled the film with a solo lead

Nevertheless, Atul Sabharwal has made the event engaging with the fine performances of the artists. Bobby Deol is cast as a solo hero. The five 'Pandavas' are the pride of the film. In his debut, the performance that has been given in his own film is expected after at least half a dozen films. In the training center, self-interest and passion have been introduced in the phase of boyhood and jobs.

Power in dialogues

There is a sharpen in the dialog. 'Where ammo does not work, it has to work like a termite', Vijay Singh's long dialogue, 'Every body has an immune system, government body, educational body, judicial body, all these are strong forts. Their immune system is so strict that they cannot be shaken from outside, they have to rot like a disease from inside. '

The film gives a glimpse of old Bombay

This is Atul Sabharwal's Decent gift to those who like flaky stories. The beauty of Mumbai with Black and White Era looks good to the eyes. An elegance appears throughout the film. The background score matches the mood of the film.