Cbis Interrogation Of Sushants Cook These 10 Big Questions Put By The Investigating Agency In Front Of Neeraj Singh

According to reports, Neeraj had been working at Sushant's house for almost 8 months.

Neeraj had told in an interview that Riya asked him to leave after the lockdown was over.

The CBI questioned his cook Neeraj on Friday in the case of the death of actor Sushant Singh Rajput. The CBI asked Neeraj 10 questions. They were asked a series of details of what happened on June 13 and 14. According to sources, the CBI has made these questions in front of Neeraj in his interrogation.

Question to CBI's Neeraj

1. How did you have a relationship with actor Sushant Singh Rajput? How long have you been working with them?

2. On the night of June 13, was there any party at home and how was the atmosphere at home on the morning of June 14?

3. Which people were present inside and outside the room on the day of Sushant's death?

4. What happened in the morning of 14, tell it in a sequential manner? How many times have you met Sushant that day?

5. Did Sushant usually stay in his room or did he spend time with the housemates or Riya?

6. Did Sushant eat food on 13 and 14 as usual? What did they eat?

7. How was the relationship between Sushant and Riya Chakraborty? Did they ask to leave the house after the lockdown was over?

8. Who first saw Sushant's body? Did you go to the room when Sushant's body was hanging from the fan?

9. Who spoke to remove Sushant's body? Did you also cooperate during body lifting? How many people caught Sushant while taking off his body?

10. When was the PCR called and who made the call? Tell me in detail what happened before and after the arrival of the police?

Riya Chakraborty had hired Neeraj,

Neeraj Singh was working in Sushant's house for the last 8 months. Neeraj was hired by Riya Chakraborty. Neeraj has been interrogated by Bihar and Mumbai Police. Neeraj had told in an interview that Sushant had asked for water from him on the day of the suicide and then he went to the room.

Neeraj told what happened on 14 June?

Neeraj had earlier told that Riya Chakraborty left Sushant's house on 8 June. Sushant had a staff of 12 people, some of whom he had fired. Neeraj had also told that Sushant had gone to the room on the day of the incident. After this I knocked on the door of the room comfortably, but no reply came. I left again after half an hour. Keshav did the same. He had also called Sir twice, but did not reply. Then his sister was called.

Samuel Miranda questioned for 5 hours

CBI team questioned Sushant Singh Rajput's house manager Samuel Miranda for 5 hours. There is no information about what CBI asked Sushant's house manager. However, it is being said that the CBI team from Samuel tried to know what had happened on June 13 and June 14 at Sushant's house.