Bihar Vidhan Sabha Election 2020 Date Update Coronavirus Covid 19 News All You Need To Know What Will Happen And Ground Situation


Corona, even if you bypass the flood, there will be clash with the dates of festivals

Right now the process of electoral training is also slow and ongoing.

The Election Commission is in a dilemma to conduct the Bihar assembly elections. The Commission is not saying anything to postpone the elections, but even if the high speed of Corona in Bihar and the floods in the border districts is bypassed, there are many difficulties before it. The new government has to be formed before November 29 and elections are not possible in Bihar due to festivals from 13th to 21st of that month.

Before October, Navratri is from 17 to 25. However, in the last election, a phase election was held during Navratri, but this time it may be difficult due to Corona.

Election in September-October is considered fixed

Chief Minister Nitish Kumar is telling the time till August with the government in front of his officers, due to which elections are being considered fixed in September-October. The Commission is also not saying to postpone the election and the High Court has also left such a petition aside. In such a situation, know what will happen in the whole mathematics and what is the ground situation now -

Government counting till 13 November or only counting after Chhath is possible

The arithmetic of dates is also important regarding elections. The same conditions were there in 2015, but this time the dates are even more important. In 2015, a phase of polling had to be held in the middle of Navratri, so that the results would come on 8 November before Dhanteras on 9 November. This time Navratri is between 17 to 25 October. Dhanteras, Diwali and then the six-day Mahaparva Chhath are concluded in Bihar. This time is Dhanteras on 13 November and Mahaparva Chhath is ending on 21 November.

Sunil Kumar Sinha, president of Chanakya School of Political Rights and Research, says, “Since the first session of the 16th assembly began on 30 November 2015, the assembly will be dissolved on 29 November. Before this the new government should be decided and in such a situation only the election results and process of swearing can be waited after Chhath. ”

Fear of infection of administrative officials and death of government officials

The state home department is currently on only two front lines. On the one hand, the department is ready to flood the border districts, while on the other hand the corona is also monitoring the infection. Till now the assembly-related front has not opened here, while the Home Department and General Administration Department play an important role in the electoral framework.

A top official of the home department said that roster duty could not be imposed here due to the corona and work has to be done in the midst of danger. Right now the same situation is going on and there is talk of elections, but not stirring. Due to its slow movement, the DM of several districts is intermittently infected, the death of many government officials and employees including coron, from the corona.

Two PILs in the High Court, one has not heard of the month passed

In the second week of July in the Patna High Court, advocate Badri Narayan Singh and in the fourth week, a public interest litigation was filed by Shailendra Kumar on behalf of a political party. Neither of these two petitions has been accepted by the High Court so far.

The first lockdown, ie from March itself, the High Court is hearing the urgent need in virtual mode. Had the court considered it necessary, the dates of hearing would have come. Meaning, so far nothing is being done by the High Court to postpone the election.

2015 assembly election

Election announcement in 5 phases on 9 September

First phase notification issued on 16 September

Total seats were 243 and total voters were 6.68 crores.

Elections on the most seats in the last phase

First phase - 12 October: 49 seats

Second Phase - 16 October: 32 seats

Third phase - 28 October: 50 seats

Fourth phase - 1 November: 55 seats

Fifth Phase - November 5: 57 seats

Result - 8 November: 243 seats