Best Free Video Editing Software For Youtube

You all use YouTube and many people also upload videos on YouTube, I will tell about them in today's post, I will give information about free video editing software  to those who edit videos before uploading videos to YouTube.  

You can create more interest by editing your video by installing these free video editor software, then I give you information about some video editing software which is the best for editing YouTube videos and many people use it Do on youtube

HitFilm 4 Express

Hitfilm 4 express is a great software for YouTuber that is completely free for everyone and there are many ways to edit YouTube videos.

You can install this software for free by visiting the website of hitfilm 4 express and it is very easy to process its installation. There are already many ways to edit videos in it.

But if you want to advance even more, then you will have to pay for some more fishermen whom you can buy from it, but you can use them once you have given money. 

Let me tell you about how to install this software, first of all you have to open this website Now you have to click on GET STARTED NOW then you have to click on GET HITFILM EXPRESS FREE

Now you have to create your own account by entering your email password and user name in it and after creating the account, you will be sent the gender to install the software on your email ID. You can install the software by clicking on that link.


VSDC VIDEO EDITOR This software is also absolutely free and you can use it very easily and the most special thing about this software is that it is 35 MB software. 

Which you can install very easily and run in your computer very easily, it is available in both free and pro 

If you want to use its pro version after installing it, then you can also register in it, so I am going to tell you about how to install this software.

First of all you open this website
As soon as you open it, you have to click on the download video editor, clicking this software will start downloading. 

This software is also absolutely free. It also has a great feature of editing YouTube videos. 79 MB of this software is free and paid both ways you can use it to download it, you will have to visit its website.

I am giving you the address of the website link You have to go to it, then you have to click on the download and select the window in the operating system, then you have to register in it, you have to create a new account. Will happen

After creating a new account, after verifying the email address, you have to login back to it, after logging in, when you click on download 

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You can select 32 bit and 64 bit according to your operating system and then install this application in your computer. Very good free software for video editing, so that you can add many effects to the video.

Windows movie maker

Windows Movie Maker is a very good video editor software for video editing and it mostly comes with Windows in your computer, there is no need to download it separately and it is software for video editing from Microsoft windows.

It has all the basic tasks that we use for video editing such as putting the title in the starting of the video, inserting any text message in the end of the video, mixing the video or reducing the size of a video, increasing the size of the video Add music with, remove music from video, you can do all this work for free 

If this software is not already installed in your computer, then I am giving you a link to a website, you can also download this video editor free by going to it 

Apart from this, if you want to do professional video editing, then free software cannot work for you, you have to use Pro software for this and for this you have to pay money for Pro software once you buy the Pro software. After that you can do video editing in it 

And this software is very advanced with the free software and there are many options for video editing as well, in the free software sometimes you get a watermark but in the pro software you do not face any such problem.

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 I am telling you the names of some pro software, you can also use them if you want.

Adobe Premiere Pro
 sony vegas pro

I have given you information about these free video editing software now, you can use whatever software you like according to your convenience, if you have information about any other free editing software , then you can tell me in the comment.