Attempt To Damage Iocl Mathura Jalandhar Pipeline Emergency Alarm Of Corporation Control Room At Midnight

Supply from Mathura-Jalandhar Petroleum Pipeline and Panipat-Jalandhar Pipeline from Jalandhar's Oil Terminal and Bottling Plant

On August 19, at around 12:30 pm, suspicious activity occurred on the Mathura-Jalandhar line passing through the village Masani.

On 20 August, when the Corporation team investigated, 22 holes were found in the sugarcane field, a complaint to the police.

A case of attempt to damage the underground Mathura-Jalandhar pipeline of Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL) in Jalandhar has come to light. It is said that some people have tried to steal the oil by drilling holes in the pipeline on behalf of some people in Goraiya of the district in the middle of the night. As soon as this action happened, an alarm sounded in the control room of IOCL. After this, the IOCL team saw the situation and complained to the police in this regard. In the initial investigation, the police have registered a case against unknown persons in Police Station Goraya, considering it as an attempt to steal oil.

In a complaint sent to Goraya Police, Operation and Maintenance Area Manager of IOCL's Suchi Bind, Nikhil Kumar told that two cross country under-ground pipeline lines are being run by the corporation. These include the Mathura-Jalandhar Petroleum Pipeline and the Panipat-Jalandhar Pipeline. Both these lines are supplied from the oil terminal and bottling plant of Jalandhar. Some part of these pipe lines also come in the area of ​​Goraya police station. Oil theft has been attempted in this area.

Nikhil Kumar said that on August 19, between 12 and 20 minutes between 12 and 40 minutes, there was some suspicious activity on the Mathura-Jalandhar petroleum pipeline passing through the village Masani, which was recorded by their alarming system. Subsequently, on 20 August, the corporation's team investigated the suspicious activity. This alarm came from the sugarcane field. When examined in the sugarcane field, 22 holes were made in the field at the passing point of the pipeline. They were six meters from the pipeline, their depth was up to three feet. The team also found similar holes above the pipeline. It is feared that these holes have been made to locate the pipeline.

For the
third time in six months, an attempt has been made to locate the highly sensitive petroleum pipeline for the third time in six months. Earlier on July 29, a similar incident has happened in village Semi. Even in March 2020, such an incident took place in village Talhan.