14 Pro Tips to Secure Your Social Media Account in English

How dangerous things can be easy in the digital world. We have no idea of ​​this. Because, this and our attention never goes away.

We keep hearing the news of hacking every day . Have you ever thought about the security of your social media account? Do you know that your social media account can be hacked in a few seconds.

There is an old saying " When happens to own the only feeling is ." So until our account is not hacked, we are not going to take cyber security seriously.

If you are also waiting for the account to be hacked, then you can leave this post here and go back. Because, in this post how do we prevent social media account from being hacked? Provide information in this regard. Which is not useful for you right now.

We know that you are not among them and instead of causing harm, you believe in taking precaution. So, have been reading this post so far.

We also do not talk much, come directly to the issue and know some useful social media security tips in Hindi which will be useful in protecting your social media account from being hacked. And will keep your social media account safe.

14 ways to protect your social media account from being hacked

1. Create strong password

2. Update constantly

3. Keep 2FA Enable

4. Create Different Email IDs

5. Do not click on Suspicious Links

6. Do not use Remember Password

7. Delete browser history

8. Different account different password

9. Use antivirus program

10. Log out

11. Do not give access to third-party apps

12. Use new version

13. Ignore Public Wi-Fi

14. Do not log in to cyber café

Come, now know about each security measure in detail and you have made your social media account secure.

# 1 Create strong password

The first and most important way to protect your social media account from being hacked is to use a strong and secure password.

Now you may ask what do you mean by strong password?

You have asked the right question. And before answering this, you have to know what is a weak password?

Most people do not take passwords serially. It is considered only part of the process. Therefore, to pass the step, we simply enter the password to remember.

Following are some examples of weak passwords:

Birthday - 05082001

Mobile number - 0123456789

Own Name - punitgautam

Hackers do not have to work hard to know such a password. Only with your username or email id will you know what your password will be?

Therefore, do not forget to use such passwords also and if you are doing, then change immediately. Otherwise you are putting your social media account at risk.

Let us now know about a Strong Password.

Keeping in mind cyber security, all social media platforms allow you to use numbers, symbols and special characters in passwords besides letters.

Therefore, your password should also be a mixture of them. This type of password is very difficult to detect.

A strong password can be of this type.

In this password, we have replaced TutorialPandit with symbols and numbers. Which can also be remembered and protected.

You can also create your password in this way. And you can save your Facebook account from being hacked.

# 2 update constantly

Creating a strong password is not enough. You have created a password once and forgotten it. Do not do this. Keep changing this password at regular intervals.

The advantage of this is that if the password is saved in a device or if you have left the account login in many places, then it will become useless as soon as the password is updated. And your account will be safe.

Therefore, Facebook, Instagram, Ticketlock kept updating passwords. And kept playing with the password.

Apart from the fixed time interval, you must also change your password in these situations.

You are logged into a new user's device

You suspect that someone is trying unsuccessfully to login to your account.

Your computer or smartphone has been infected with malware or viruses

You have not changed your password for a long time

# 3 Keep 2FA Enable

2FA Full Form is Two Factor Authentication. That is to put 2 layers of security layer on your social media account.

Nowadays, 2FA facility is provided free in all online accounts. Which you can activate to secure your account.

2FA is a safe method to ensure the identity of users. This feature detects that the person who has an account is accessing the same person.


When you are in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more social media account Two Factor Authentication Enable turn.


When you or another user logs in with the username & password on your device, a One Time Password (OTP) comes on the number or email id you have registered for authentication, which is logged only after entering.


Just like an OTP comes on the registered mobile number to confirm the identity before online payment. Only then the payment is successful.


If you are serious about your cyber security and want to keep your digital life full protected, then you should enable Two Factor Authentication in your social media account.


# 4 Create Different Email IDs

The email id used for social media account should be different from personal email id. Do not use the same Email ID for both tasks. Anyway, email id is made free. Therefore, do not be lazy in this work.


You must be thinking, why should you make your social media and personal email id different?


So tell me you are taking a huge risk. If you do this, along with your social media account, your personal life can also be disturbed.


Once the social media account has been breached, your personal data and information will be with the hackers.


# 5 Do not click on Suspicious Links

Hackers keep trying new ways to hack your social media account. One of them has a name - Suspicious Link Click .


If you randomly click on the links sent by any user, then it is possible that your personal information is stored on an insecure server.


Therefore, a link has come up in your email account, on messages, Facebook Messenger etc. and if you do not know anything about that link then leave it. Do not click any more.


Such links are lured by huge discounts, one time offer, best deals, lottery etc. But, clicking on these, we do not know where we have come.


Nowadays such cases are being seen most where the information or business details of the users have been obtained through fake links.


Many times programming is done by hackers in such a way that when you click on such a link, a virus, malware or any software program is also installed in your device. Therefore, avoid clicking without ensuring the identity of the link.


How to identify secure links ?

The web address of the link will be readable as mentioned above
Will be correctly spelled and easy to identify. Seeing the link above, it is clearly known that there is a link to a website. And without clicking on the link, information about it can be collected. Tarika - You can find the credentials of this link by googleing tutorialpandit.
On clicking the link, the same address will also appear in the address bar of the browser. Does not mean redirect. To understand this, click on the link above and see when the website opens, then see in the browser's search bar whether the name is visible? If this is the name then it is a sign of authenticity. Likewise check other links.

The same claim that has been made in the message will be on the website and the information will be matching with other sources as well.

# 6 Do not use Remember Password

When you login with a username and password to a social media account, the browser asks you to save this information for you. And we allow it without reading.

The advantage of this is that whenever you login to this account, you will not have to enter the password.

However, this facility does not delay in turning inconvenience. If any other user accesses your device and you have saved passwords of Facebook, Instagram, TickTalk, then you will not be able to stop them from accessing them.

This small tips of cyber security is very useful, definitely use it and do not let the browser to save login details. You do it yourself

# 7 Delete browser history
If you have logged in to Facebook or other social media account in friend, neighbor or other device, do not forget to log out immediately after the work is over.

After logging out, make sure the history of the browser is clean. That is, you do not have to leave any residue.

All browsers have the option to delete browsing history. Therefore, whichever browser you use. Go to his menu and delete history.

# 8 different account different password

For convenience, most users use the same password for all social media accounts. Which is a huge lapse and call for cyber threats.

This small mistake of yours is enough to hack all social media accounts. Suppose someone knows your Facebook password, then it is very likely that they can access your other accounts such as Twitter, Insta account, TickTock account using that password.

The password does not matter if your same platform is different.

Therefore, be careful. Use different passwords for different accounts. And make your safety shield a layer thicker.

# 9 Use antivirus programs

This cyber security tips are very useful for those social media users who use these platforms on the computer and also perform tasks like online payment.

Such users should not work only by securing the account. Rather, the security of the entire system should be arranged.

The easiest and best way for system security is to have an antivirus program in your computer . This program monitors unknown and unsafe apps, files and activities.

Also, Security Scan keeps on doing it from time to time. This protects you from threats like viruses, malware, spyware.

Therefore, always install the latest antivirus program of a good company in the system and strengthen your digital security shield.

By the way, antivirus program is free on the Internet. However, we do not recommend you to use them. Instead you should use pad antivirus program.

There is limit to free programs. They do not provide complete security. And there is also no support in case of some damage or attack of hackers. Therefore, always install pad antivirus program.

# 10 Log out
Above we told you to log out after finishing the work from other devices. This is very important for your safety.

If you want to go one step more, then add the habit of logging out of your device after it is finished.

The advantage will be that you will be active on social media only when you have work, while the account is closed at the same time, the chances of danger will be very less.

Also, no user other than you will be able to access them in your device.

# 11 Do not give access to third-party apps
Many apps allow your social media account to login on their platform.

You find this facility easy. But, you give all the control in the hands of this platform. Meaning, now along with you this app will also be able to access your social media account information.

Apart from this , thousands of applications will be found in the Google Play Store which are developed by the app developers with the aim of increasing the capacity of the social media platform.

When you give these third-party apps through access to social media accounts. Then these apps start stealing all your information. And you don't even know.

See for example, there are many such apps which provide the facility to download Facebook, Instagram videos. They do this work, but they have to be paid for by giving your information. And how secure is this information? No one knows except the app owner.

Therefore, apps that provide such facilities, apps that tell you your future, apps that compare you to a fictional goddess, are avoiding and do not use apps that make celebrities.

You lose a lot of your interest in a little entertainment. Which you don't even know And these are not necessary apps, without these your smartphone can work comfortably.

# 12 Use the new version
When was the last time the app was installed in your mobile phone?

What kind of question is that? I do not know anything about this. Do these apps also have to be updated!

If you have the same reaction, then you run your mobile at great risk.

To protect your phone from being hacked and to protect data, always use only up-to-date applications and keep updating the old apps installed from time to time.

By updating the app, you get a more secure version with new features. Therefore, your app is ready to combat the new threat.

Use the Play Store to update Android apps. And follow these steps and update all your apps now.

Open play store
Tap on the menu
Go to My Apps & Games
Tap "Update All" inside Installed
All apps will start updating as you do this
# 13 Public Wi-Fi Ignore
Do not login on social media account on any public network. Because, such networks are open and security is minimized. Therefore, anyone can access your information.

Restrict the use of free Wi-Fi available in places like railway Wi-Fi , bus stand network, metro Wi-Fi, library, chowk-intersection etc. to Internet browsing . Do not login on Facebook, Insta, Twitter.

# 14 Do not login to cyber cafe
Cyber ​​cafes are also counted in public places. How many people use the same device to complete different tasks throughout the day.

Therefore, the use of Facebook etc. on the computer present at the cyber café is also called for threats. Because, you do not know which network this computer is connected to and what software is installed?

What did you learn ?
In this social media account security guide, we have shown you how to save your social media account from being hacked. Tell you some security measures about this.

If you use these security measures properly, then your cyber security shield will become very strong. And you will be able to save your Facebook, Instagram Twitter account from being hacked.

We hope you will like this security guide and will prove useful to you. Share these security measures with your friends. And if we have missed anything or have any questions, then please comment by asking.