Akshay Kumar charging 27 crores for 2 weeks shooting? This is how the discussion

Akshay Kumar charging 27 crores for 2 weeks shooting? This is how the discussion

Akshay Kumar is one of the highest-grossing superstars in the industry. Akshay does not take any part in the profit share of the film but in the films where he plays the lead roles, his fees are often quite expensive. Although Akshay's role in Anand L Rai's film Atrangi Ray is not very big but it is believed that they are charging double for this film and this fee is Rs 27 crore. Explain that Dhanush and Sara Ali Khan are in the lead role in this film and Akshay will have a special role in the film.

According to the source, Anand L Rai needed a big superstar for guest appearances in this film, which is very influential and important according to the film's narrator. He had previously offered this film to Hrithik Roshan but he could not be a part of this project. He is very respected as a filmmaker of Akshay Anand and he decided to do this role.

According to reports, this film is not very heavy according to the schedule and shooting of Akshay 's film will require two weeks. He is going to London for the film Bell Bottom next month, will settle the shooting of the film there, followed by shooting of Rai's film and Prithviraj's film together.

Akshay charges around one crore rupees for a day's shooting but he is getting almost double the money for this film. According to Pinkvilla's report, Akshay Kumar has a great affinity with number 9 and he considers it his lucky number. They always try to collect fees in the ratio of 9. They charge Rs 1 crore per day for shooting, but for the film Atrangi Ray, they are getting double the fees and for 14 days of shooting they are charging Rs 27 crore. However, the team of director Anand L. Rai has described this news as baseless.