How to isolate like a Kardashian - shameless self-promotion and sunbathing at your mansion

People round the world are stuck in the house as they isolate during the coronavirus pandemic - but imagine what it would be like if you lived in a Kardashian mansion

Rather than being cramped in a flat or trying to work from home while their kids run rings round their three-bed semis, the Kardashian-Jenners are living their best lives in their mansions.

And it seems that this down-time for the famous family is mainly about shameless self-promotion.

Kim has been hitting the promo hard during her time at home, but it's been met with a lot of criticism.

First of all, she was accused of trying to profit off the crisis as she tried to do her bit to raise funds for those in need.

Kim's donation was met with criticism

The mum-of-four announced she'd be donating £1 million from her SKIMS shapewear brand to help mothers and children in need of support during the global  coronavirus  pandemic.

However, not everyone was pleased with her announcement, with some suggesting it wasn't generous enough.

And some questioned why she had to re-launch and sell her products in order to give the donation.

Kim, 39, took to  Instagram  to announce she'd be restocking her underwear line to help bring relief to those who need it.

Kris and Kim are releasing a perfume together

However, some felt she wasn't being generous enough and accused her of trying to profit off the pandemic.

Kim was also branded "tone deaf" for launching a new perfume during the crisis.

Her new perfume partnership with her mum, dubbed KKW x KRIS angered her followers, who at the minute, have no need for perfume.

Even her own daughter had a go at her.

North thinks Kim should be spending more time with her kids
During an online video, in which Kim said she wanted to have a "serious conversation about social distancing", North was having none of it.

The six-year-old crashed Kim's video to question her priorities.

She said: "You should be busier of your kids, not your friends."

Kim isn't letting any of it bother her though, she's continued to flood her Instagram with pictures of her products, as well as her kids and husband Kanye West.